I did a couple of these last year, and not having too much to write about at the moment, I’m going to bring them back.

What are these? Well it’s summaries of the news in the UK manga & anime magazine Manga Mania from 1993. I didn’t actually read them back then, only hoping on in the spring of 1995. These are my little brother’s copies that I took of his hands years later. This is from issue 3, cover date September 1993.

  • Manga Video releases: Judge, Ultimate Teacher, 3×3 Eyes Parts 2 & 3
  • Titan Books release Helen McCarthy’s Anime! – A Beginner’s Guide To Japanese Animation
  • John Courtenay-Grimwood has a rant about the BBFC rating 3×3 Eyes an 18 certificate.
  • In the US:
  • Viz announces Ranma OAVs.
  • Live action Macross (!) announced at Anime Expo. This clearly never materialised, anyone know what this was about?
  • Giant Robo Vol. 3 premiered at Anime Expo.
  • Pioneer sent “shockwaves” by announcing their plan to have subtitles on their Laser Disc releases of “No Need For Tenchi: Demon Emperor Ryou”, “Moldiver” and “Machine God Corps” I wish they’d left Tenchi Muyo with that translation as it’s title.
  • CPM/US Manga Corps releases: Urotukidoji: Legend Of The Overfiend, Area 88
  • AD Vision releases: Battle Angel Alita
  • LA Hero/US Renditions: Superdimensional Century Orguss Vol. 7 & 8, Ultraman Vol. 9, Macross II Vol. 3
  • Family Home Entertainment: Robotech in SP mode VHS with TWO (!) episodes a tape.
  • AnimEigo: Urusei Yatsura Vol. 9, AD Police File-I, Kimagure Orange Road Laser Disc Vol. 2
  • Dark Horse Comics: Caravan Kidd, Version 2.2
  • Eternity Comics: Robotech II: The Sentinels, Robotech: Return To Macross, Robotech: Invid War, Ninja High School
  • Now Comics: New Adventures of Speed Racer
  • Viz Comics: Battle Angel Alita, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma, Genocyber, Sanctuary, Pixy Junket, Crying Freeman, Sanctuary, Nausicaa
  • In Japan:
  • Crayon Shin-Chan’s first film is released
  • Sailor Moon is made into a stage musical
  • Eight Man After, Comet Machine School Saber, Kiss Me On The Apple Of My Eye, Big Wars, Cashan and Giant Robo Vol. 3 were released in August in Japan. For now Trish Ledoux’s focus (for it is she that is writing the US/Japan news) seems to be on writing about Japanese OAV releases rather than what was on television then. Which is fair enough, as that’s what was most likely to get a western release. I’m wondering when that coverage in the magazine changed, and if it will coincide with Evangelion’s broadcast.