#18. Sailor Moon

Is there any need for me to describe this show? No I think not.

So instead random thoughts.

  • I first saw Sailor Moon dubbed into German. Back the days of VHS fansubs, I'd ordered a copy of some German dub episodes and a fansubbed Sailor Moon SuperS Movie for one of 's friends.
  • When I first saw The Matrix, I thought that it was ripping off the Sailor Moon SuperS Movie. A villain who wants to put all of humanity into a sleep-like state in order to drain their energy? I mean, c'mon!
  • For some psychosexual reason the anime of Sailor Moon decided to merge the characters Helios and Pegasus into one character, taking it down the route of Comet from the early Supergirl comics. It's like there was discussion what the young female audience were interested in and the topics of horses and boys came up, and someone went “I KNOW WHAT WOULD BE BETTER! A HORSE WHO TURNS INTO A BOY! OR VICE VERSA!”.
  • The live action version has some of the worst puppetry known to man.
  • Yes, I did once own the Guardians of Order Sailor Moon BESM RPG.

The show's position as the highest placed Magical Girl show in the 100 is not just down to it's relative recent-ness. There are plenty of it's peers that didn't get a whiff of the chart. It's a smart package that gets every element of the genre just right and on target. I mean it takes some special show to inspire this sort of lunacy.

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