1990s TV Anime – What Anime Looked Like In 1992

Shows Starting In 1992:

Bush Baby – Little Angel of the Great Plain, Mama is a Fourth Grader, Brave Legend Da Garn, Flower Magic-using Mary Bell, Teknoman, Sailor Moon

Yo Yo no Neko Matsumi, Ashita he Freekick, Chikyu SOS Soreike Kororin, Chirorin Mura Monogatari, Super Electric Robot Iron Man 28 FX, Cooking Papa

Crayon Shin-chan, Fantasy Adventure: Adventures of Puss-in-Boots, Energy Bomb Ganbaruger, Mabo-chan’s Visions, Animated Japanese History Series, Oi! Ryoma

Tomato-man and the Knights of the Salad Table, Sasurai-kun, Super Bikkuriman, Dick the Fairy, Lupin III: From Russia with Love, Yadamon

Oyayubi Hime Monagatari, Calimero, Dog of Flanders: My Patolasshu, Hime-chan’s Ribbon, Kaze no Naka no Shoujo Kinpatsu no Jeanie, Kobo-chan

Mikan’s Picture Diary, Papuwa of the South Seas, Space Oz Adventure, Super Zugan, Get a Grip, Tsuyoshi!, Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Shows Ending In 1992:

Hai Akko Deso, Oishinbo, Obocchama-kun, The Laughing Salesman, Goldfish Warning, Ranma 1/2 Nettohen

Yawara, Chibi Maruko-chan, Obake no Holly, The Two Lottes, Getter Robo Go, Emergency Departure Rescue Kids

Robin Hood no Dai Boken, Magical Taruruto-kun, Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird, The Secret Garden, Little Ghosts There, Here, Where, 

Jankenman, Rajin-Oh, 21 Emon, Dear Brother, Math Fun, Jarinko Chie

Dodge Danpei, Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne, Magical Princess Minky Momo: Hold on to Your Dreams, Genji Tsuushin Agedama,  Burn! Top Striker, Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Marude Dameo, Ultraman Kids: Haha o Tazunete 3000 Man Kōnen

Shows Continuing Through 1992:

Sazae-san, Doraemon, Anpanman, Dragon Ball Z, Kiteretsu Daihyakka

Hopefully this format will make things a little clearer in terms of what shows were ending and what shows began in this year. Not to mention what shows continued to be the kings of anime.

Of the five that continued through 92 from 91, three are still going today (Sazae-san, Doraemon, Anpanman).

Unlike 1991, there’s some big things happening in 1992.

We had some big shows ending – Ranma, Oishinbo, Yawara all wrapped up.

There was one HUGE shows starting, namely Crayon Shin-chan.

There was also some other shows starting that would turn out to be big hits – Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho

There were some shows that (eventually) made their way into English via legitimate means – Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tekkaman Blade as Teknoman

But apart from the Magical Girl and Robot shows (and Cooking Papa!) on the list, everything else was fairly new to me. Some were positively obscure – Chikyu SOS Soreike Kororin was an NHK environmental cartoon for which I had to get the screenshot from a grainy nicovideo clip, the image for Sasurai-kun is of the manga as I could find no image of the anime and a show like Get a Grip, Tsuyoshi! that ran for over 100 episodes has no english wiki page (though a licensed puzzle game for it does).

And finally, there was a rare pre-1996 late night anime in the form of Super Zugan.

I’ll writing similar posts to the 1991 posts on individual shows, and then I may return to this post to revise these comments.