48. Kimba the White Lion

Hello. Back once again with the ill behavior. Ill behaviour in the this case being talking about classic anime shows I've never seen.

And here we are with the second best known Osamu Tezuka show in the US, Kimba the White Lion, or Jungle Emperor Leo as it be known in it's hometown.

Based on Tezuka's manga that began in 1950, there were two television series in the sixties and a remake in 1989. And each incarnation spawned a motion picture. You can get the series on an 11 disc set in the US, but it's not currently available in the UK. Entertainment in Video used to have one of the films out but it's long deleted.

Again this is another title where anything I write about it is pretty redundant as it's such a well known and influential show. Even more so when in this case, there's been mainstream controversy involving the series and a well known Disney animated film.

It was strange when that blew up, as there are certain types of people for who Disney are a flashpoint for. Both the pro and con sides. There were people who'd use the controversy to attack Disney, regardless of whether they had the first hand viewing experience to make the criticism. And likewise there are people who will defend Disney over ANYTHING. It's was all very odd/amusing.