“I would seriously of given Renge either a different voice or give her a permanent mouth gag”

“out of all the characters Renge is my least favorite “

“Renge’s voice literally gave me a headache.”

“I agree that Renge’s voice is super annoying”

“the only one i find annoying is renge”

“renge and mina needs to either stfu or go die somewhere”

“the girl with big boobs and renge is annoying to me”

“Renge annoys me with her voice”

“the annoying one you mention is probably Renge”

“On the grossly agitating side of things we have Renge, a scratchy voiced, annoying little brat who, instead of bringing comedy, brings torment”

These people are all wrong. If you don’t like Renge Inui, you don’t deserve to watch the Air Master anime in the first place.The anime character design of Renge is best served by the fantastic ending theme animation where she has the most goofily rubber limbed walk cycle.

Other reasons why Renge is great:

  • She was doing the cobra strike gimmick years before Santino Marella.
  • She can do pressure point martial arts. LIKE KENSHIRO.
  • She owns the worlds tiniest cat. THEREFORE SHE IS BETTER THAN KENSHIRO.
  • She looks like she belongs in an entirely different series. Possibly a series from the Beano or Dandy.
  • Her character design changed, not between chapters, not between pages, but mid-page (!) in the manga. She jumps in the air in her original design and lands in her more familiar one, losing about two foot of height in the process.
  • She dresses up like a Teru Teru Bozu
  • She isn’t dull like her two friends in the show whose names I can’t remember.
  • She exclaims the words “SAKIYAMA KAORI!!!” better than anyone else in the show.
  • Unlike most “looks younger than they actually are” anime characters, no one is cranking one out to Renge Inui.