Ayacon 09 pocket write up

It was a well run con, full of things I wasn’t interested in. Though I had fun with my panels and seeing friends.

I’d write more, but it has more to do with the sort of person that UK cons appeal to than anything technically wrong with the con. Just feels awfully diluted by cosplayers, music fans and people wanting their weekend of nerd hedonism over actual convention content about anime and manga (though that might have been different had schedules of other possible guests lined up better).

Regarding my panels:

MADstravaganza was a massive success. Big turn out, a great venue, and the repeated clips still went over well. Though if someone wants to buy me a laptop to make this easier in future, I’ll gratefully accept it (not buying one just to do panels).

Anime Time Capsule went about as well as it could given it’s hasty birth, changing days, changing lengths, technical problems with the mini Mac and last minute additions of 6 clips that I’d forgotten to edit down. In retrospect the original plan of going with the sakuga panel from 07 would have been better for the time slot I ended up with. That said I might repeat it given more time, or I may crack on with the long-promised Anime Family Trees panel.