Ayacon Events

Here are the events that I am running at Ayacon this year.

Friday 16th, 6PM to 7PM in the Conference room.


An expanded version of my two posts of anime penguins from this very website. Featuring more penguins than ever. Double the penguins possibly. A lot of penguins that is for sure. In chronological order. Some sort of penguin based speed record may be broken in order to fit all these penguins in one hour.

Saturday 17th, 8PM to 10PM in the Theatre

MADstravaganza VII

The usual nonsense. Mostly parody videos, amateur and pro, with some music videos and pro-wrestling mixed in for good measure. There may be the appearance of a game from DITB at the end. In the past this has been the best venue for this event, with the most excitable audiences. The only other event starting at 8PM is the hentai panel, so if I don’t see you here, we will assume you are having a trouser forage there.

Sunday 18th, 10AM to 11:30AM in the Theatre


We travel back to the dawn of Ayacon to look at the anime music from 1998. Providing they can wake up on time, I will be joined by my DITB co-host Anthony Askew, Secret of the Sailor Madness’ Niall Flanagan, Ebbie aka BizarreJelly5, Leon Everett, Gary Hedges and Greg Driver. They and the audience will decide once and for all what was the greatest anime song of that year.