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Back once again with news you can’t use. This is all taken from Manga Mania Issue 10 Cover date April 1994. I would have still been ignoring anime and manga at this time, instead wandering the streets of Grimsby while harbouring a obsession with Chris Morris & Steve Coogan and wearing out audio tapes of On The Hour and Knowing Me, Knowing You.


  • Manga Video had Battle Angel Alita and the first volume of the Guyver finally coming out.
  • They also had the live action Gunhed at various cinemas up and down the land.
  • Kiseki had plans to get The Gigolo and Urotsukidoji III out in March. Whether this was the month Urotsukidoji III actually got released we’ll have to find out.
  • Porco Rosso was due to be shown at the International Animation Festival at Cardiff.


  • Manga Films Sociedad Limited released Porco Rosso in the cinema.


  • The Space Cruiser Yamato OAV came out, complete with the Syd Mead redesign.
  • Other Laser Disc fun included:
  • Fortune Quest
  • The Deep Blue Fleet
  • Dirty Pair Flash
  • No Need For Tenchi! Special – Galaxy Police Mihoshi
  • The last Tenchi project of any worth in my book.
  • The Hakkenden
  • Armoured Trooper Votoms
  • Machine God Corps
  • Tokyo Babylon II
  • Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
  • Protect My Earth!
  • Compiler

US News

  • AnimEigo had an AD Police (the OAVs, not the even crappier TV show) Laserdisc coming, a dubbed Riding Bean, UY: Always My Darling and UY: Lum The Forever.
  • US Manga Corps had Genocyber, The Heroic Legend of Arislan, Project A-Ko 2,
  • AD Vision had Devil Hunter Yohko and The Girl From Phantasia, the latter eliciting the typical barbed comment from Trish Ledoux she tended to give ADV releases. It really seemed like she had it in for ADV. I do think it comes up more explicitly later in the magazine’s run when she has a column proper rather just doing US news.
  • LA Hero/US Renditions had more Orguss
  • CPM had Gigantor
  • Pioneer had No Need For Tenchi LDs
  • Streamline had Lupin III: Tales of the Wolf – a compilation of best episodes from the second series.
  • Viz chugged on with Ranma 1/2.
  • Notable manga releases had Antarctic Press releasing Iczer One, and Viz releasing Street Fighter 2.

Other Notes:

Three articles this issue:

  • A typical Manga Mania article where a theme is picked and a variety of books/shows are listed to try and draw some sort of progression of the theme. This month? SAMURAIS!
  • A translated article on Gon creator Masashi Tanaka taken from the Italian KAPPA magazine.
  • And of historical note, there’s an article on the dub of Crusader’s release of Nuku Nuku.