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Toshihiko is training in a dynamically animated sequence where he dodges tennis balls fired at him by his compatriots. One of which gets over excited and so Toshihiko takes him outside to remind him of what the Kifuuken's goal is – “to contain the evil in your own heart”.

But now Kazuma wants to inherit the Kifuuken, and challenges Toshihiko to a fight to prove he is more worthy. However, The Monkey wants a peach. And subsequently disarms and debags Kazuma in his attempt to get a peach.

Toshihiko chases The Monkey onto the beach and almost has a parachutist land on him. He lays eyes on the woman (Yuka) and is instantly smitten. Here is the genius bit of animation from this episode. Once he lays on eyes on her the “camera” stays fixed on her face. It's clear from the movement that she's picking up her parachute and getting in a car, but you only see her face. It's like they are animating something you aren't actually seeing. Fantastic stuff that totally conveys the love at first sight emotions Toshihiko is feeling at that moment.

Toshihiko then can't sleep and sees her face everywhere, on The Monkey, on Kazuma, on the all the other hunters. He runs to the beach were he meets Yuka, and to the sound of a thunderstorm we get a segue of them making love. However, Toshihiko fails to notice that as she climaxes she starts to shapechange into a flesh eating monster of seemingly of the kind we met at the start of the episode…

Excellent 1st episode, looking to be the best show so far this year. I've now watched it 4 times after doing this write up. Get the fansub here.


While the show's gotten good feedback on the whole (and what I considered a surprising number of downloads), I had to laugh at this idiot proclaiming it as cheap porn. I'm guessing the porn thing is down to the sex scene. The eyes roll. It does seriously weird me out how some anime fans seem to instantly equate sex with porn, act all squeamish about it and then merrily watch some simpering otaku pandering show that was made by watering down some pornographic PC game. Whether it's a reaction against other elements of anime fandom parading their weird fetishes as a badge of honour, or something else, I don't know. But it weirds me out. Happy mediums folks, happy mediums.