Wolverine – Episode 2 – Yukio (2011)

For a near half hour of television, very little happens in “Yukio”. The duel I thought was about to kick off last episode ends with a whimper when Logan is drugged. The wimpy AIM husband-to-be is given the job of disposing of Wolverine, and he decides that the tried and failed method of tying someone to a train track should do the trick.

I suspect in the long run this would have done more damage to the train than to Logan. However we don’t get to find out, as his henchmen are dispatched by a mystery assailant and Wolvie is rescued.

Logan's Stare
In case you were wondering, yes there is still lots of glaring.

Meanwhile, Wolvie’s law enforcement buddy learns that being friends with Logan is not good for your long term health, as he too is killed by a mystery assailant. Despite what the end of the episode wants you to think, I am going to guess that it was the same person doing the assailing.  And that person is the titular Yukio, a ninja who explains how her mother was a former assassin for Mariko’s father, killed for falling in love with her target. Logan heals up and then the pair go to meet his now dead buddy. Not only does he find a corpse, but the cops arrive, and it seems he’s been framed for the murder.

The ol' wrist sword trick!
When I was 12, I would have thought this guy was awesome.

Finally, to top things off, this guy arrives who can pop a sword from one of his wrists in a similar manner to Wolverine’s claws. Clearly this is who they expect you to suspect of the murder, but there are enough clues in the episode pointing to Yukio too, so it’s not as if they are being unfair if it does turn out to be her.

So, still middling fare, probably only recommended if you already like Wolverine. That is obviously who it’s for, and luckily it is who I am.

To be continued
TO BE CONTINUED! (plus I will describe a Wolverine-rip-off character I made for the 80’s TSR Marvel RPG)