What if I started a Linkin Park AMV tumblr?

Who likes AMVs? Do you like them enough to follow a tumblr that only posts Linkin Park AMVs featuring Linkin Park’s “In The End” regardless of quality? Then you’ll love my new tumblr.


Once a day I will be posting a Linkin Park AMV from Youtube that uses their hit song “In The End”. I will continue to do this until people stop making and uploading “In The End” based AMVs. Which I hope is never.

If you wish to assist me in doing God’s work here on Earth, then you can submit Youtube videos to the tumblr here.

Please make sure that these videos feature Linkin Park singing “In The End”. I do not want to see any AMVs featuring the completely different song “In The End” by the inferior band, Black Veil Brides.

The Black Veil Brides are imposters and agents of Chaos, who are making this heaven sent task harder to accomplish by tempting honest AMV makers. These corrupted innocents then slave away on their pirated copies of Adobe Premiere making non-Linkin Park AMVs that have “In The End” in their descriptions and file names. Disgusting.

In conclusion, long live Linkin Park AMVs that feature the song “In The End”!