These are taken from Chapters 13 & 11

In Masochist, Negishi (and by extension, the viewer) get a glimpse of the Capitalist Pig’s daily life. Which Negishi then, of course, interferes with, to surprising initial success.

In Family, it’s Negishi’s turn to have his home life spotlit, as we see him return home to visit his family. Only to discover his little brother, Toshi, is a hardcore DMC fan.

Something I’m noticing with the anime is how, despite the incredible faithful approach it has, it is definitely bringing things out the material that I didn’t necessarily get from the manga.

In the manga it often, though not all the time, feels like Krauser II is a face Negishi puts on because it is expected of him. He acts the way he does as a Krauser, because it would, perversely, be impolite not to.

In the anime, perhaps due to having different actors for Negishi and Krauser II, perhaps due to how long the director might choose to linger on a shot (which are pretty much taken wholesale from the manga’s panels), the layer of the story in which you aren’t sure which is his true personality is heightened. It particularly comes through in Masochist, where the Pig is far more honest with himself about who he is than Negishi is.