HATE FUN 2000! – Nyani ga Nyander Nyander Kamen

Ah the first show in this daunting list of a decade’s worth of anime shows and a show that apparently does not exist according to Anime News Network. Despite being the creation of Takashi Yanase. The man who created Anpanman, and therefore a big deal.

Luckily Keyframe has a synopsis:

Nyago is not the best cat in Cat Town, he can’t climb trees and always seems to be either half asleep or with his head in a book. However because of his kind and caring heart he was given the power to help others and protect the town from evil by the wise spirit of the mountain.

Upon hearing a cry for help Nyago dons the costume of Nyanda Kamen, the super cat admired by one and all – gaining flight and superstrength but losing his tail in the transformation. With the help of his pterandon partner Hen, Nyago is there when anyone in the town needs him most.

Well that sounds like a ton of fun for kids. Superheroes, cats, dinosaurs. What more do you want?

A transformation sequence!

The ending.