HATE FUN 2001! Galaxy Angel

Note: I am basing the following opinions on seeing one, maybe two episodes of Galaxy Angel. Episodes that may have not been from this particular Galaxy Angel series.

Not as good as the first Brocolli/Madhouse collab, the original 16 episode Digi Charat series, but miles ahead the cloying cuteness that the Digi Charat franchise descended into. Whereas Digi Charat relied on a weird, bleak almost nihilist tone juxtaposed against the “cute” characters, Galaxy Angel is just a dumb slapstick thing that thinks explosions are hilarious. Which they very well might be.

The other trick it plays (and I think Satoru Akahori may have beat them to it with a few of his late 90s series) is to have a cast of characters with off the rack harem anime personalities, but not include a male character for them to fight over. These dumb stereotypes work a lot better when you’re not expected to believe they are in love (there are videogame spin offs for that).