Horrors of Animated Food Hygiene #2

Today: Polar Bear Cafe Episode 20

In the second story from this episode, “Summer Festival“, Polar Bear and Grizzly jointly run a stall at the local Summer Festival with help from Panda, Penguin and Sasako. Let us ignore for the moment that four animals are working in the food industry. Polar Bear uses utensils and an apron. Sometimes he even wears a hat. For Ursus maritimus, he’s pretty good at hygienically preparing food.

Grizzly and Panda on the other hand…

Grizzly is put in charge of yakisoba, but is quickly annoyed at how slow it is taking. One of Polar Bear Cafe‘s themes is male pride/vanity and Grizzly’s usually manifests in a macho form of showing off. Throwing away his spatulas he decides to use his claws instead (there is a running gag of Grizzly wanting to use his claws to make things quicker). This means he puts his paws into the food, potentially contaminating it, and then due to his carelessness, he cross-contaminates the okonomiyaki that Polar Bear is preparing next to him.

This however, is nothing compared to Panda’s transgressions.

First he manages to spread the okonomiyaki sauce on himself. Which he then licks off his paw.

Then he squirts Grizzly in the face with salad cream.

Finally he sneezes all over an okonomiyaki. Truly a HORROR OF ANIMATED FOOD HYGIENE.

Thankfully at this point he is fired from his food preparation role, and presumably they binned all the food Panda had ruined. So in retrospect then, nowhere near as bad selling cakes that had a bearded alcoholic chick sitting in the mixing bowl.