It’s 1994! Who had been “converted into a massive DP fan”?

Manga Mania #17 (December 1994) was probably the best issue so far. Mainly because nothing was happening in the UK and so there was a lot more coverage of Japan.

Manga had their “Cyberpunk Collection” out, so Cyber City Oedo 808 got an overview from Peter J Evans, along with a look at the work of Tony Takezaki (whatever happened to him?).

Then, to tie into Boxtree’s release of Ranma 1/2 in the UK, there’s an interview with Rumiko Takahashi by Toren Smith.

Finally with The Cockpit coming out, there’s Trish Ledoux’s column on Leiji Matsumoto, an article reprinted from Kappa on him and an overview of the stories included on the OAV.


  • Mandarin Paperbacks released Akira, Domu, Memories and Gon. These had really nice production quality from what I remember.
  • Manga Video were releasing: Appleseed, Guyver Vol. 9, AD Police File 1 and Cyber City Oedo Vol. 3. They also had Wings of Honneamise doing the rounds at the cinema.


  • From Viz: Ranma 1/2 TV Vol. 2
  • From AnimEigo: Kimagure Orange Road: Whimsical Highways Laser Disc set
  • From Streamline: Robotech Vol. 5 and 8 Man After Vol. 3
  • From US Manga Corps: Detonator Orgun Vol. 2, Gall Force: Earth Chapter 1, Project A-Ko Final and Godmars.


  • The second episode of the You’re Under Arrest OAV series was out.
  • As was the sixth volume of Iria.
  • And the first volume of Bounty Dog.
  • A Riot drama CD was released.
  • Newtype had asked various artists to create their dream Gundams:

Fun in the letters pages!

This is a sketch from what appears to be UK small press comic artist Bob Lynch. Then there’s a fan letter from future shading enthusiast and Doctor Who curmudgeon Paul “Otaking” Johnson.