Look who finally replaced his scanner!

Yes, the write ups of old Manga Mania issues are back, and now with pictures.

Issue 14, cover date September 1994, was all about Street Fighter II. But first, the big change in who was actually publishing the magazine now was brought up in the editorial. Manga Entertainment were now the publishers of Manga Mania. I vaguely recall this being a point of contention, but because I didn’t really get into anime until 1995, I never experienced it first hand. By the time I got round to purchasing the magazine myself, I think it was clear the magazine was just as full of puff pieces for all video labels as it had always been. And the rest of the content improved too, at least until the last few desperate issues where it tried and failed to find a new direction.

As well as the SF2 coverage there was an essay on CLAMP and doujin from Peter J. Evans as well as a Guyver article by many hands.


  • Manga Video were releasing Zeguy, more Guyver, Roujin-Z and more Tokyo Babylon on video. Appleseed was doing the rounds at the cinema.
  • Pioneer were launching with Tenchi Muyo and Moldiver in October.
  • Kiseki had the renamed Adventure Kids coming out as Adventure Duo. Also from them was Black Magic M66 and Urotsukidoji, Return of the Overfiend III.
  • Anime Projects had Bubblegum Crisis continuing to be re-released. And the first volume of Genesis Survivor Gaiarth.


  • Software Sculptors were releasing a Bubblegum Crisis screensaver. Unfortunately it doesn’t mention a price…
  • 20th Century Fox were planning a Gigantor movie.
  • There was a fair handed discussion of the Lion King / Jungle Emperor furore.
  • Trish Ledoux continued to gnash her teeth over the redesigned Dirty Pair in what was the 90s equivalent of the umpteen “moe is killing anime” posts being written right now.
  • From Viz: Ranma 1/2 Movie 2
  • From AD Vision: Cutey Honey 1 & 2
  • From US Manga Corps: Blue Sonnet 1, Project A-Ko vs Battle 1: Grey Side, Toward The Terra
  • From AnimEigo: Urusei Yatsura 15
  • From Osiris Communication: Ultraman 5 & 6
  • From Streamline: Akira Remaster, Dirty Pair: Project Eden.
  • No notable manga releases this month, just the usual chugging along of Viz & DH mainstays, “Amerimanga” and furry comics.


  • That seems to be gone from the magazine now.

There was also a fascinatingly awful advert from someone promising “hard to get” anime. Researching the retailer on the internet, it seems they eventually got out of anime and into pornography instead. Behold the typesetting skills of “Tenseah”: