Lum-A-Day 098 – Plenty of Lum-chans!

Didn’t they do this one already?

Well not quite, but they have done one with duplicate Atarus and here we get duplicate Lums. Ran kidnaps Lum and photocopies her with a sci-fi photocopier. She tries to get the clone to attack Ataru, but she snaps out of it and thinks she’s the real Lum. Ran ends up trying this 6 times before the Lums escape and chase here.

Now Ataru has to face seven Lums in love with him. Mendou and the Stormtroopers offer to take five Lums off Ataru’s hands for three months worth of beef bowls. The Lums are naturally not best pleased and electrocute the lot of them. Fed up Ataru makes a run for it, trying to lure them to Ran’s house where he can get rid of the copies. Naturally it goes explosively wrong and we end up with hundreds of Lums…

Weak episode, both in terms of script (the first half drags with the repitition) and animation (like the Ataru cloning episode, lots of dull crowd scenes). A couple of notes, it opens with a class roll call with various staff members names – Ito, Hosono, Konishigawa, Hirano, Uemura. And there’s this shot, who is the guy with the helmet meant to be. It’s obviously a cameo, but what is the character and series?

Not sure on the correct screenwriter name – Minoru Bayashi?? They aren’t credited on any of the other episodes.

Screenplay: Minoru Bayashi
Storyboard: Keiji Hayakawa
Director: Tetsuro Amino
Animation Director: Takeshi Oosaka

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