Manga Mania Mondays – July 1995

Cover this month was by Metin Salih


Upcoming Releases (titles that got news feature in bold)

Manga Video – Project A-Ko 2, Patlabor the Movie, Wings of Honneamise (sub version), Space Adventure Cobra, Angel Cop 3, New Dominion Tank Police 4, Orguss 02 2, Legend of the Four Kings 11 & 12

Western Connection – Love City, Ushio & Tora 6

Anime Projects – Oh My Goddess 5, Bubblegum Crisis 5 (dub)

East To West – 8 Man After 3, The Adventures of Kekko Kamen 3

Upcoming Conventions

Anime Expo ’95 – 30 June – 2 July, Los Angeles – Guests announced were Koichi Ohata and Satoshi Urushibara. 

Anime America – 6 -9 July, Anaheim – Guest announced was Megumi Hayashibara.

Robocon 10 – 6 – 8 October, San Jose – Guests included Carl Macek and Arlon Ober.

Minami Anime – 22 July, Portsmouth – One day con at Portsmouth Hilton, two video rooms, a traders hall, a fan artshow room and a video programme that ran 10am to 10pm!

Japan News

Fire Emblem OAV

Shin Megami Tensei OAV

Virgin Megastores Top 20 Anime

Top three were New Dominion 6, Angel Cop 1 and Akira.


Akira – Part 24

Silent Mobius – Part 5

Firetripper – Part 3


Speed – Yes that is the title of this Julie Davis piece on 8 Man After. There’s also a side bar on the 1994 live action 8 Man film

How to draw the manga way part 3 – No mention of Buichi Terasawa’s Apple this time! Instead some instruction on cel painting and animation.

Yeah, that was it, six pages of features total. I think they wanted to burn off two of the strips so they could launch two more with the price hike next month.


MegaByte – Ultra 64 was on it’s way with a promised November launch in Japan and the US, no mention of the Europe release date of course. This was the way of things in 1995. The Story of Thor on the Megadrive got 86%

Cyber Drome – Yes, the fastly dated tech column was back. With a big piece on digital actors, no mention of Avatar yet, I think we have to wait until Cameron is linked with Battle Angel Alita before we start to see Avatar mentioned in the magazine.

Get Animated – Hey it’s the eternal when will we get some Ranma anime released in the UK question. There’s also a weird letter justifying next months price hike announced in this issues editorial. 

Animated Yours – Trish Ledoux talks “versioning” manga.


Top release was Patlabor the Movie with five stars. Though bear in mind Kekko Kamen got four stars, as did every other anime reviewed release this month.


In the inside front cover was this beauty of a time capsule of UK anime fandom…

Did anyone actually join this thing? If so, please elaborate in the comments below. I am curious about the Japanese cartoon fueled decadence depicted in the photos in this advert that could attract the presence of grinning, greedy, poisonous, bearded balloonist Branson.

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  1. I have the Manga Video Collectors Edition – Volume One, but I don’t remember paying for it. So maybe I joined the manga club, but I’m not sure, I didn’t get any of the other stuff mentioned here.

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