Manga Mania Mondays – Number 23, June 1995

That’s a Kev Walker (ABC Warriors, Thunderbolts) cover up there.


Upcoming Releases (titles that got a news feature in bold)

Western Connection – Ladius, Space Firebird, Ushio & Tora #5, Slow Step #3
Manga Video – Megazone 23 Part III A & B, Space Adventure Cobra, Patlabor, Angel Cop 2, New Dominion Tank Police #2
20/20 Vision & Columbia Tristar – City Hunter (the live action Jackie Chan movie)
East2West – 8 Man After #2, The Adventures of Kekko Kamen #2
Anime Projects – Oh My Goddess #4, Bubblegum Crisis #4 (dub)

Japan News

Street Fighter II – The TV Series
Devil Hunter Yoko II
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
Gene Diver


Akira – Part 23
Silent Mobius – Part 4
Firetripper – Part 2


The Man With The Psychogun – Jim McLennan, Cefn Ridout and Tony Luke on Buichi Terasawa. This is one of the better laid out articles of the issues I’ve looked at so far. Great use of Terasawa spot art.
Heavenly Creatures – Angel Cop gives Peter J Evans an excuse to give Nobuteru Yuki’s career an overview. 
How To Draw The Manga Way #2 – Some actual help in this part, though by the end we are back with Buichi Terasawa and his Apple!


Animatedly Yours – More voice actor talk with Trish Ledoux (recycling material from Animag and Animerica).
Get Animated – readers warn people about the Akira game on the Amiga.
MegabyteMergers and Monopolies Commision said Nintendo & Sega were guilty of monopoly practices, Street Fighter Zero was going to be coming out as Street FIghter Legends in Europe. And Pocky & Rocky 2 got 86%.


8 MAN AFTER was the best reviewed title this month with a four star rating. Dancougar is the bottom of the barrel at two stars.