Manga Mania Mondays – September 1995


Upcoming Releases (titles that got a news feature in bold)

Anime Projects – Oh My Goddess 4, Bubblegum Crisis 5 (dub)

East2West – Kekkou Kamen 2

Manga Video – Heroic Legend of Arslan 3, Project A-Ko 3, Angel Cop 5, New Dominion Tank Police 6

Japan News

Captain Tylor OAVs

Virgin Megastores Anime Top 20 

Top three were Space Adventure Cobra, New Dominion 8, Angel Cop 3

Reader Survey Results

It was a different time.


Akira – Part 26

Striker – Part 2 (aka Spriggan)

Dirty Pair: Sim Hell – Part 2


Flesh and Blood – Julie Davis on Tokyo – The Last Metropolis and Zeiram.

Fist vs Freeman – Dave Hughes on the live action adaptations of Crying Freeman and Fist of the North Star.


Cyberdrome – Lots on Doom, less on Descent, Hewlett Packard’s invisible toner and Spider-Man Cartoon Maker CD-ROM.

Animatedly Yours – Sailor Moon and Dragonball on their way to US television.

Get Animated – The final letter from future shading curmudgeon Paul “Otaking” Johnson, only he was using a different nickname in 1995…

MegaByte – Sega Saturn had arrived in the UK, and Playstation was due along shortly. Gundam on the Playstation got 70%.

Short Cuts – A robot size chart. Pretty sure they have done this already.


One anime review. Arslan got 3 stars. This issue clearly came out during one of periodic stalls the UK anime market suffered.

In conclusion, if it wasn’t for the comics, this issue would have been pretty bad.