More Marvellous Manga Mania Memories

ISSUE 4~! OCTOBER 1993~!


  • Manga Video were releasing Doomed Megalopolis II: Disaster, Crying Freeman II: The Enemy Within and Tetsuo II: The Bodyhammer.
  • Anime Projects had Hurricane Live 2032 & 2033 out.
  • And in computer games, ICE were releasing Akira for Commordore Amiga, CD32, PC and PC CD-ROM.

    Maybe in a later issue Wil Overton will overrate it in his videogame review section. Good lord, the tat that got 7/10s in that section of the magazine, this issue has SD Great Battle II getting the videogame review “average”.


  • There had been some Anime Conventions and they were briefly, vaguely, reported on:
  • Anime America (25-27 June 1993) – 1200 attendance listed. Guests: Haruka Takachiho, Monkey Punch, Kenichi Sonoda and Megumi Hayashibara. Described as having great events, but poorly run.
  • Anime Expo (2-4 July 1993) – 1800 attendance listed (wikipedia gives 1,693). Guests: Well I don’t know, it lists a load, then says four didn’t show, but beyond mentioning Haruhiko Mikimoto not showing, I don’t know who the other three who didn’t show were. Described as having poor events (presumably down to lack of guests), but well organised.

    Depressing thought of the day: The biggest anime-based con in the UK is now roughly at the size of the Anime America of 1993 (and has been for the last few years), and it’s idea of a guest is Monica Rial.

  • CPM/US MANGA CORPS were releasing Venus Wars, Area 88 Act II
  • ANIMEIGO had Dagger of Kamui, Urusei Yatsura OAV Vol. 6
  • DARK IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT made with Devilman – The Birth of Devilman
  • US RENDITIONS released The Guyver Vol. 4.
  • Manga releases:
  • Dark Horse Comics: Caravan Kidd, Version 2.2
  • Eternity Comics: Robotech II: The Sentinels, Robotech: Return To Macross, Robotech: Invid War, Ninja High School, Zilliion
  • Viz Comics: Battle Angel Alita, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma, Genocyber, Sanctuary, Pixy Junket, Crying Freeman, Sanctuary, Nausicaa, Guyver, Silent Mobius
  • New Society Publishers: Barefoot Gen: Out of the Ashes


  • The Cockpit
  • Dirty Pair
  • Votoms
  • Borgman
  • Idol Defense Force Hummingbird
  • Erotic Beast High School “Climax Collection”
  • KO Century Three Beastketeers II – Chapter 3
  • NG Knight Ramune & 40 DX, Chapter 3

    The Satoru Akahori script machine in full effect here.

  • A-Girl
  • Ah! My Goddess
  • Eight Man After
  • Epic Fantasy Ellcia
  • Chameleon 2 “Siblings From Hell”
  • Machine God Corps
  • No Need For Tenchi:Demon Emperor Ryou Special – The Night Before The Festival

    Still loving that translation

  • Bad Boys
  • Moldiver


  • Tsui Hark announced as directing the Mai the Psychic Girl live-action film.

    Did this ever get anywhere? I remember at one point reading Sparks had the rights to make the film.