My own personal crackpot Batman RIP/Final Crisis theory.

So the latest issue of Batman makes use of the silly “magical negro” cliche. However there are ways out of it being so silly and here’s one:

Honor Jackson = Highfather

* In Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle, Highfather was a homeless man. (though Honor looks more like a down on his luck Dezard from SS:MM)
* He gives Batman an alien magic box.
* Through his broken sunglasses he has the appearance one eye, giving him an Odin quality. Highfather fulfilled the Odin role on New Genesis.

Tenuous? Yes, but given events so far in Final Crisis, it’d work.

Or he may have just been a terrible cliche. But if he’s not, you heard it here first.

One thought on “My own personal crackpot Batman RIP/Final Crisis theory.”

  1. The Vikings (Hollywood movie) is the origin of the fourth world. Simple.

    And it turns out he really was just a magical negro as I am sure you now know. Got to remember- Morrison only has the reasoning ability of an animal rights / in the closet case.

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