Pyuu To Fuku! Jaguar

Jaguar has two words for you...

ptfjaguar on Livejournal is translating the current Kyousuke Usuta (Sexy Commando) manga Pyuu To Fuku! Jaguar.

The strip is very similar to Sexy Commando, but that's not really a bad thing. It does have more of a obvious satirical slant to it (rather than just the entertainment culture non-sequiteurs that Sexy Commando had).

Rather that being a high school comedy it is set in world of the entertainment industry. The seedy bottom end. I remember when I was picking up the Japanese Newtype there'd be adverts for these “schools” promising to train you in various entertainment skills in return for a considerable fee. Pyuu To Fuku! Jaguar is set in such an establishment. The main character Kiyohiko wants to break into the music industry as a guitarist, but ends up paying the dodgy Mr Seagal to join this “school”, where he finds himself sharing a dorm room with the insane Jaguar Jun'ichi who wants to break into the music industry as a recorder player.

If you like Sexy Commando, check it out. While some jokes make reappearances (there's a chapter dedicated to creating a motto for the recorder class that is a rehash of the same situation from Sexy Commando), it's still wonderfully random.