Some Kind of Terrible Nerd Collision

If there’s two things I love it’s One Piece and Talisman. And once I discovered that Strange Eons had a Talisman plugin, my mind turned to thinking of how to realise One Piece characters in Talisman. That one above is just a test, the Strange Eons program is really easy to get to grips with, the hard part will be figuring out the special abilities and creating the portraits – transparency is supported so you can get them looking kind of Talismany.

Zoro’s an easy one, as you can simulate the three swords thing easily in game and likewise his propensity for getting lost. Not sure if the three weapon thing is too big an advantage or if that extra die in the Crypts or Mines is a killer disadvantage.

The other neat thing is that One Piece gashapons should make nice counters for the characters too! I’ve a bunch from the Skypiea arc, and I’m afraid this is going to get me collecting gashapons again now I have a “practical” use for them (and probably not just One Piece too.)