Lum-A-Day 082 – Full of Sunshine, Full of Amours

A couple of bits of nonsense that take place at the seaside.

In the first half, the gang have run into Sakura once again, much to her displeasure. When Ten shows off his “core” device that turns his sandcastle as hard as rock, Ataru gets a perverted idea. Which of course Ten and Mendou go along with. The three of them make sand sculptures of Sakura, that they bring to life so that they can date them. Beatings and electrocutions ensue.

In the second half, Lum meets a lovesick dolphin (who looks and sounds a lot like the sad sack goblins of previous episodes). In order to get her own back on Ataru’s womanising, Lum uses her own ET tech to turn him into a handsome man, that she promanades along the beach with. However the Dolphin soon tires of being a man, what with the fact they get beaten up by jealous boyfriends and are expected to buy women gifts.

So he decides to be a human woman instead…

A couple of good stories, but with average animation. Nothing dazzling here.

Odd one this, Asami Endo is credited as co-animation director and Tameo Kohanawa returns as director for the first time since episode 14. The other animation director, Katsuhiko Nishijima would go onto to create Project A-Ko, before increasingly basing the remainder of his career around his obsession with women’s underwear (Agent Aika, Najica Blitz Tactics, Lingeries Office).

Screenplay: Kazunori Ito
Storyboard: Tameo Kohanawa
Director: Tameo Kohanawa
Animation Director: Katsuhiko Nishijima / Asami Endo