I have still not found a way to effectively cross post the podcast back here from and keep the statistics intact, but in the run up to Xmas I thought I’d remind you that I have a podcast, Dynamite In The Brain, that I record with Anthony Askew and assorted guests from around the world. It’s one of the reasons this site doesn’t update as much as it used to.

If you haven’t listened before here are some choice episodes from this year:

Episode 35 – The Cat Returns Grace Chan joins us to review the only Studio Ghibli film we’ve discussed on the show. A fun example of the earlier, less structured version of the show.

Episode 37 – Ninja Scroll Niall Flanagan of Secret of the Sailor Madness joined us for the first part of our NINJA MONTH. Also contains Anthony’s Beyblade modification tale.

Our Live Episode A bodged recording of our live “Anison Armageddon” from Kitacon with Niall, Gary Hedges and Leon Everett.

Episode 47 – Pokemon Heroes Ebbie aka BizarreJelly5 joins us as we get thoroughly confused by a Pokemon movie.

Episode 50 – We run down our Top 50 Anime Ever! list and, more importantly for the shape of the show, we have our first game – Play Your Giant Combining Robots Right

Episode 59 – Interstella 5555 – Debbie Crisp joins us to talk Daft Punk’s anime movie, and we start to discipline ourselves with weekly episodes.

Episode 69 – Leeds Film Anime Day – Greg Driver joins us to talk Leeds Film Festival’s Anime Day.

You can subscribe on iTunes or through RSS.