The Tower of DRUAGA -the Aegis of URUK- Episode 1

Well done GONZO, well done. Regardless of actual content quality, this digital distribution/streaming model is an incredibly forward thinking move. In fact, that they allow embedding puts them ahead of a lot of US companies using Youtube at the moment. The pay what you want download model, may not pay off right now, but it’s an experiment that might give them a clearer idea of what fixed price to charge in the future. However, the free, low resolution streaming is something that should be embraced and saluted.

This show, at least in this episode, is somewhat unexpectedly, a comedy. It’s sillier than Slayers, but not quite as goofy as the Guru Guru series. The last few minutes throw into question whether this level of tomfoolery is to be maintained, and it may settle down to a more Slayers level of light fantasy. Even if the rest of the show fails to entertain, this first episode is fun, fun, fun with some Itsuki Imazaki Kaneda-style craziness at the end.

GONZO’s english site for the show