Youtube thoughts

GONZO’s plan to immediately stream their next two terrible series around the world for free is a GOOD THING. And it’s really something that a bigger fuss should be being made over. As much as I hate on GONZO’s content, in terms of how the international home entertainment business works nowadays, they are quantum leaps ahead of the pack of the Japanese anime industry.

Strangely it coincides with my realisation that Human Giant are doing the exact same thing with their second season. The last two episodes had all the sketches online after the episode had aired on MTV. And in fact they now have every aired sketch online. When you consider it’s a MTV (part of the Youtube suing Paramount) show, a pretty big hurdle has been crossed. The MTV site doesn’t even seem to have country blocking on it. Yay!

Vaguely related: Marcus Estes at WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has a sensible piece (with a great title) on the issues Billy Bragg raised about social network sites and musicians.