5 thoughts on “The Cat Returns”

  1. I’ve been wanting to read this comic for years, but to my knowledge it’s never been translated. Are you reading it in Japanese, or is there some English version I don’t know about?

    Also, I’ve been watching a lot of Urusei Yatsura lately and I loved reading your old episode reviews as I went through the episodes. Why did you stop doing them?

    1. It’s the 2002 movie we are reviewing.

      And as for Urusei Yatsura, well it was a combination of life events and the fact I find the Kazuo Yamazaki-era episodes less fun to watch than the Oshii-era ones (even if they have an obviously higher budget).

  2. Ack! Sorry, I meant to comment on the Shameless School page in the post above. I haven’t listened to this episode of Dynamite in the Brain yet (although I plan to tonight).

    1. The Shameless School panels are from an Japanese ebook version of the title. I want to say volume 5? Around the middle of most of the collections, though it’s from the end of the first run of the strip.

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