The Ten Most Viewed Articles of Awesome Engine of 2007

1) Ultimates Volume 3 – this was mainly down to a link from the erstwhile Jog.

2) Superjail Is Super – This has been constantly hit from searches since the pilot aired. It’s blipping again right now after Adult Swim aired it again.

3) Cross Counter Of The Day – Blazing Transfer Student Episode 1 – This got a lot of hits from people looking for Cross Counters on Google Image Search. Also there are very few pages writing about Blazing Transfer Student on the web.

4) Giant Gorg Episode 1 – Likewise, very few Giant Gorg sites out there.

5) Top 100 Anime Addendum #3: Maicching Machiko-sensei – this gets a lot of hits from people looking for torrents of the recent live action version.

6) Denno Coil – Episodes 1 to 4 – Looks like I need to reload the images for this entry.

7) Cross Counter Of The Day – Gurren Lagann Episode 3 – More Google Image search traffic.

8) Kawaii Jenny – This was due to AICN link traffic, I believe. Though probably a lot of search traffic, as outside of “top 100 anime” (my static page of the 2005 top 100 anime list is the most popular page on this site) the top keyword was “kawaii jenny”.

9) HATE FUN? October Anime! Part 6~! – This definitely was Kawaii Jenny related AICN traffic. For a brief period there I was the internet’s source of Kawaii Jenny news.

10) It’s Environmental Cartoon Week! – Smoggies – Mainly google traffic. Often people searching for “funny environmental cartoon”.