The Title Blurb Read “Mighty Mecha Special!!”

More old news from 1993 courtesy of Manga Mania Issue 6, December ’93.

Editorial: Figured I might start talking about these too. In this issue, Cefn Ridout bemoans the bad publicity anime was getting in the press. Well, one article in the Independent – “CARTOON CULT WITH AN INCREASING APPETITE FOR SEX AND VIOLENCE” by David Lister (not the Red Dwarf character one presumes). This perceived witchhunt of anime tends to be blown a little out of proportion by anime fans from this time. I think part of the feeling of belonging that a fandom gives a person, comes from the persecution complex most subcultures have, and the niche anime fandom at this time was no different. The people who were buying all those copies of Akira, Overfiend and Guyver are a completely different matter though. I doubt they gave two hoots what people like Lister thought and just wanted more sexy violent cartoons. Which is fair enough. GO TEAM SEXY VIOLENT CARTOONS!

UK News:

  • Kiseki had more of Macross II
  • BBC2 schedule Akira over Xmas, alongside a documentary called Manga.
  • BBC1 were showing the 90’s anime version of the Moomins.
  • Channel 4 were showing the overlooked UNICEF sponsored allegorical Dutch/Japanese production, Alfred J. Kwak. Melvyn Hayes as the Hitler Crow character was one of the great UK voice performances.
  • Manga Video had more Crying Freeman and Doomed Megalopolis
  • There was a report on a visit to Yaohan Plaza/Oriental City in Colindale, London, which was a popular haunt of UK anime/manga fans during the 90s. It was under threat of demolition a few years back, and just 3 weeks ago was “closed for redevelopment”. It’s probably a little odd that despite being into anime/manga since 1995, I never once went there.

Japan News:

  • Anime producer Haruki Kadokawa was arrested for smuggling cocaine.
  • Roujin Z due out.
  • Dirty Pair Flash announced. Lord, did this kick off a stink. The fuss was still around when I entered the fandom a couple of years later. The vemon it generated from hardcore Dirty Pair fans in the US and UK was mighty.
  • Anime Street Fighter film announced. The US live action film is mentioned in passing.
  • OAV/Laser Discs out included:
  • Comet Machine Gun Gakusave
  • Super Sonic Soldier Borgman
  • KO Century Three Beastketeers II
  • Fantasia
  • X2
  • Ushio and Tora
  • Machine God Corps
  • The Hakkenden
  • Black Jack

US News:

  • Viz – Mermaids Scar, Ranma TV First volume of the this long running 2 eps at a time VHS release. Anyone want to do the maths on how much it would have cost to get all of Ranma in this way?
  • US Manga Corps – The Ulitmate Teacher, Maris The Chojo/Laughing Target, Odin.
  • Anime 18 – Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb.
  • AD Vision – Guy – Awakening Of The Devil/Second Target.
    Ledoux gets in a dig at ADV’s T&A reputation at the time.
  • Dark Image – Outlanders.
  • Streamline – Neo Tokyo, 3×3 Eyes, Nadia movie collection.
  • AnimEigo had the fourth Urusei Yatsura film, Lum The Forever.
  • Manga releases: More of whatever was here before. Plus first time listings for Antarctic Press were included. A company that has a lot to answer for, but more on that down the line.