The Top 10 Anime of 2014 That I Will Never Find The Time To Finish Watching

10) Rowdy Sumo Matsutaro I managed to watch 6 episodes of this story of a jerk becoming a sumo wrestler. Only 17 more to go!

9) Hozuki no Reitetsu 4.5 episodes watched out of 13 means I am going to the Hell Of Uncompleted Crunchyroll Queues when I die.

8) Tonari no Seki-kun Three episodes watched over the course of half a year. At this rate I’ll be done watching this series of 10 minute comedy episodes by the end of 2017.

7) Nandaka Velonica Not only can’t I remember how much of this I’ve watched, up until a week ago I had completely forgotten it even existed.

6) Kokkuri-san As great and funny as the first episode was, Bob’s Burgers and Brooklyn Nine Nine are better uses of my laughing time.

5) Witch Craft Works Two episodes and never touched again, all year long. I’m a big proponent of Tsutomu Mizushima and yet I never find time to watch his shows these days.

4) Shirobako Tsutomu Mizushima again, and this time with his greatest collaborator, Michiko Hokote. That still doesn’t mean I will find the time to watch more than one episode of it.

3) Gundam Build Fighters Try I managed to watch fewer episodes of this sequel than I did last year’s Gundam Build Fighters. Which is to say, I watched one episode.

2) Garo the Animation I have watched the OP multiple times. That’s it. No idea what the show itself is like. It is a great OP though.

1) Log Horizon Haven’t even found the time to finish season 1 let alone start season 2.