Things I know about pirates, fresh for ’08!

I checked the couple of recent-ish threads by “Greg” on Arlong Park – the translated web interview with Oda and the Jump Festa coverage. Very interesting stuff.

  • The whole thing about OP being halfway through was interesting. You got the feeling that Oda hadn’t expected it to be this long/popular, and it was kinda scary to think he still had another 10 years to go.
  • The commitment to the SBS was neat. There is an underlying sense that as much as he admires Toriyama, on some level he wants to outdo him.
  • The comment about when Brook was conceived was shocking, and subsequent discussion of how he assembles One Piece was fascinating.
  • Also fascinating was the comment about writing Franky with Kazuki Yao in mind.
  • Talking of whom – I really want to see a proper interview with him now. His Franky-esque dress on stage at the Festa was hilarious, particularly in comparison to how everyone else was dressed. I’d like to know if he is the genuine eccentric he appears to be.
  • Brook seems to be all over the latest OP games, I’m guessing he’s proving popular.
  • The OP boat race looked fun and horribly reminiscent of seaside holidays on the east coast of England.

Also I see Yuichi Nagashima is apparantly Brook’s voice (he debuts on the 6th!). I’m only really familiar with Nagashima’s role as the deputy head on GTO and the sickly Kyasharin in Sexy Commando. So I’m guessing he’ll have a higher pitched voice than I was expecting (I was expecting a deeper, more gentlemanly voice ala Jouji Nakata – check the Club Escaflowne extras on the Escaflowne DVDs, Nakata can do the dirty minded gentleman perfectly, in fact, judging by that, he is one!). Still, Nagashima was good on GTO and Sexy Commando, so I’m sure it’ll be good. Just different.

Stuff on that caught my eye:

Straw Hat’s Flag Knitted Cap
Chopper w/ Wanted Poster – he looks so upset!
One Piece Barrel Mugs – in particular the Sanji one – I love that they are using that picture on merchandise.

I also caught some of the Chopperman special on youtube. Are the commentators on the wrestling bit real people? If so who? Also in the final battle, is that a parody of some of the Giant Robo music or am I imagining things because I want to buy this?