Top Ten Most Interesting Manga of 2008

Oricon’s Top 10 most interesting manga of 08

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This another well rounded poll similar to the 2005 anime one TV Asahi did, pulling from various age (teens to 40s) and gender demographics rather than an online poll. So no vote rigging or otaku bias!

1. One Piece
2. Nodame Cantabile
3. Nana
4. Naruto
5. Hunter X Hunter
6. Bleach
7. Kuroshitsuji
8. Bloody Monday
9. Kimi ni Todoke
10. Saint Young Men

Outside of Bloody Monday, it matches fairly well with Oricon’s bestselling manga list. Notable absences include Fullmetal Alchemist, Boys Over Flowers, D.Gray-man, Pluto, Vagabond, Detective Conan, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Ookiku Furikabutte, Gintama, Ouran High School Host Club, REAL, Yotsuba&, xxxHOLIC & Detroit Metal City. Some of that can be accounted to infrequency of publication for some of those titles. And the ones left over arguably appeal to more to teens and under, rather than adult readers.

Bloody Monday doesn’t appear in Oricon’s bestselling manga list, however it has had a recent live action adaptation which may account for it’s presence in people’s minds.

Anyone want to bet Kimi ni Todoke & Saint Young Men get anime adaptations in the next couple of years? Saint Young Men seems like a perfect fit for the noitaminA slot.

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