Toren Smith’s Time Machine.

More old news from Issue 8 of Manga Mania (Feb. 1994). This issue is noteworthy for an interview with Masamune Shirow by Toren Smith, that is dated as taking place in October 1994, 8-9 months after this appeared in shops. Insert long convoluted Gunbuster reference here.


  • Kiseki started their run on the title that kept them in business – Urotsukidoji, releasing Urotsukidoji: Revenge Of The Overfiend
  • Manga had release shuffle, Rumic World was on track, Guyver was delayed to March, and Crying Freeman, Doomed Megalopolis and Golgo 13 were out in Feb.
  • To fill space in the news, some facts and figures about manga in Japan were printed. Usual stuff about how much it sells in relation to western comic sales.
  • Anime Projects started releasing AnimEigo’s subs of Urusei Yatsura.
  • Future Shooter, a clothing company, were releasing some godawful looking manga-inspired gaming fashion.
  • A couple of UK Cons were listed. AUK CON was Anime UK’s one day con in London, and Anime Day was to be held over a March weekend in Sheffield.


  • AnimEigo do the first of many repackage/repricings of Bubblegum Crisis. They also dub Riding Bean, release more Urusei Yatsura OAVs and put UY movie 3: Remember My Love on Laser Disc.
  • LA Hero announce acquisition of “Wings of Oneamis” (sic).
  • ADV release the first Burn Up. Trish Ledoux, who writes this section, continues with her comments on ADV’s T & A reputation.
  • Streamline release more Doomed Megalopolis.
  • US Manga Corps release Heroic Legend of Arislan (sic).
  • Viz continue the Ranma TV release.
  • US Renditions continue with Devil Man.
  • Notable manga releases in the US include Oshii’s Hellhounds through Dark Horse and first (?) US shojo manga release, Promise from Viz.


  • Zeta Gundam gets a Laser Disc boxset release.
  • OAVs etc out:
  • Fortune Quest
  • Hakkenden
  • Plastic Little
  • Giant Robo Vol. 4
  • Orguss
  • Dirty Pair Flash
  • The Cockpit