UK Anime releases for 24/03/08

There might have been something out last week, I’m not sure. did have The Tick DVD listed as last weeks “anime” release though. This week the flood gates seem to have been thrown wide open.

Gunbuster 2

RRP is £24.99, which feels a little high, but it is an OAV series rather than a TV series, and if you look you can find it for 16 quid. As long as I don’t hear anything awful about the video transfer, I’m going to get this. I don’t know if we are getting the extras the Bandai Visual USA releases have, but it’s sure as hell a lot cheaper than they are charging in the US (it’d cost me about £40 plus postage for the US releases).

Stratos 4: Complete Collection

More sensible series packaging from Beez. This totally doesn’t look like my sort of thing, but £25 RRP for a complete 13 episode TV show is an OK price, especially when you can find it for about 2/3 that online.

Crest Of The Stars: The Complete Series

Hmm, one could argue Beez maybe putting too many boxsets out on the same day, but that might be churlish of me. What I said about Stratos 4 goes here too.

S-Cry-Ed: Complete Collection

And they have a 26 ep series too. These are £49.99 a boxset, which I definitely think is at least 10 quid too pricey. Sure it’s just twice the price of the 12/13 ep series, but you aren’t finding twice the online discounts. You can find this for about £38 online, which is still too much to pay for an average TV quality series.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Destiny – Vol.10

If you’ve been buying this series you’ve probably now spent between 120 and 200 pounds. Was it worth it?

Beck: Vol 3 (Mongolian Chop Squad)

Beck’s a good if inconsistent series, not worth picking up in single volume form.

Moon Phase: Vol.5 – Phase 5

Terrible vampire cat girl moe show.

Peach Girl: Vol.4

Shojo anime, that if I recall correctly, has a similar rough looking quality to it as GTO. Say what you like about Revelation (uncommunicative is what I usually like to say about them), they do have a better grasp on price points than most. 4 episodes for a £16 RRP is still a little too high I think for TV animation, but far more realistic than Beez’s £20 RRP on the Gundam Seed volumes.

Requiem From The Darkness (Thin Pack Set)

MVM add to the week’s boxset flood with this underrated series. £30 RPP though for 13 eps. Play have it for 18 quid which is better, and cheaper than importing it. If Gunbuster 2 wasn’t out the same week, I’d probably get this.