Upcoming anime TV shows I’m kinda excited about.

[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – It’s Kenji Nakamura (Mononoke, Trapeze) and Noboru Takagi (Bacanno, Durarara) on an original anime for noitaminA. Start getting excited… now!

Kaiji Season 2 – the most wanted sequel for a certain section of anime fans. You know, adults.

Toriko – This probably can’t fail. Cooking manga taken to ludicrous extremes. The anime will probably be solid with flashes of brilliance, it is a Toei SJ adaptation after all, but should be a good boost for the manga.

Tiger & Bunny – What’s that? A robot show from the guy (Keiichi Satou) who designed the hell out of Big O? I’m in.

Blue Exorcist – Tensai Okamura (Darker than Black, Cowboy Bebop the Movie), doesn’t always hit it out the park, but he’s better than most. So this A-1 Pictures show should be worth checking out.

X-Men – Iron Man was exactly what a Yuzo Sato Iron Man show would be like. What little of Wolverine I’ve seen was a step up. Hadn’t realised X-Men was next, will be interested in seeing what we get this time.

Dororon Enma-kun – Brains Base do Go Nagai? From the director of GaoGaiGar? Excitement levels rising!

Cardboard War Chronicles – As strong a job as OLM have done with Pokemon over the years, their relationship with Level 5 has produced some cracking animation both on screen and in the games. So this new show from the pair of them has my interest.

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  1. Yep, supposedly there’ll be a lot of product placement. That instantly put me off at first but then I heard about the staff… so maybe it’ll be fun. At least I expect it to have some enjoyable action and pretty design work.

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