Bagpuss Car

Bagpuss Car
Originally uploaded by Brack.

I've mentioned before the existance of the Hello Kitty Car in Stamford, that is full to the brim with Hello Kitty and Doraemon plushies (and Mickey Mouse head rests).

Well this car has it beat. I dub it BAGPUSS CAR. As well as being full of Bagpusses and Mouse Organ Mice it is also upholstered in pink and white fake fur. In addition to the overwhelming Bagpuss theme, it is also home to a number of Garfields, miscellaneous pink cats and a pink sign that assures fellow drivers that there is a “BABE ON BOARD”.

I'd have taken more photos, but it felt kind of creepy taking photos of a complete strangers car. Enlarge the photo to peer in through the back window for a better view.

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