Kitacon Events

Do you like music? Do you like anime? Do you like uninformed judgement cast down on anime music?

Then Anison Armageddon is for you!

We’ll take TEN anime songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s & today and, between our panel of “experts” and the audience, decide which is best. But these aren’t just any old anime songs thrown together, there is a THEME. A mystery theme that will entertain and inform.

We did a trial version on our podcast, Dynamite In The Brain, where we reviewed Xmas anime songs, so if you aren’t sure what this will be, check that out.

There is only one place you will see MADstravaganza this year, and that is at Kitacon! Not Minami. Not Amecon. This is it, people. This is all you are getting for 2012.

The sixth MADstravaganza proper, it will be the usual grab bag of nonsense, fun and happiness. After 5 years of this, I know what I’m doing, so put your brains in my hands and let me hit them with my audio/visual sticks.

(unlike seemingly every other event, there will be no actual quizzes, tournaments or contests)

(there will be dancing, possibly by cats.)