Your Search Referral Questions Answered

Does Earl and Fairy have a manga? Yes

hey does anyone know what a good harem show is? No, nobody knows.

does golgo 13 died? yes, he doesn’t.

what does harry hill look like? Like this, but a real human, not a drawing.

what does rumiko takahashi think of everest? She preferred the Ted Moult ads to the Craig Doyle ones.

what page in the story rascal by sterling north does rascal go into the neighbors farm? page 42

hulk red, spidey not married, what’s next for marvel? Stagnation

what did sterling north get sick from in the book the rascal? Raccoon Pox

what was the manga called with the big cat in 1993? Ushio and Tora

how to be my own batman? Keep attending the theatre with your parents until they are inevitably gunned down in a mugging gone wrong. It’s bound to happen eventually, law of averages.

how to see a ghost? Rent out the film Ghostbusters, it’s full of them!

who is audience for rock n rolla? Idiots

who killed monk’s wife trudy? Lieutenant Randy Disher

who sings the superjail theme song? Cheeseburger