So begins OTAKU PROBE. We at the JUNIOR ANTHROPOLOGY BRIGADE wish to thank Awesome Engine for giving us an outlet for our ambitious research into OTAKU CULTURE. We hope to provide a window into the world of the only interesting part of anime, the OTAKU!

Today we look at the way in which OTAKU decorate their OTAKU ROOMS.

A typical OTAKU furnishing store

A big part of OTAKU CULTURE is making your home resemble the storage room of a novelty gift shop. And the best way to do that is throw soft furnishings emblazoned with cartoon characters everwhere, fill every flat surface with toys, dvds, cds & games and cover every inch of wall with posters. OTAKU want people to question whether a human being could even live in the space.

Living space or warehouse – you decide.

Once this has been achieved the next step is to take photos of said living space and post them to the internet so that all the other OTAKU can admire your handy work and masturbate to it. This is why such photos are called SHELVING PORNOGRAPHY. There are even specialist sites dedicated to it.

OTAKU soft furnishings in full effect.

A common misconception is that OTAKU who decorate in this way have a fetish for a particular character or character type. We at the JUNIOR ANTHROPOLOGY BRIGADE do not jump to such conclusions about OTAKU (or OTAKLUSIONS as they are better known). We do research. We surveyed a representative sample of OTAKU (15 – as determined by the Dairugger formula) and asked them why they live in a box full of toys.

There you have it, OTAKLUSIVE proof – OTAKU WANT TO BE THE PILLOW.