Are You An Anime Expert?

1) Who is the main character in the series Ranma 1/2?

2) What sport is practiced by the lead character in Yawara, A Fasionable Judo Girl?

3) How is Lupin The Third related to Arsene Lupin?

4) The film End of Evangelion is a sequel to which TV show?

5) 2004's Re: Cutie Honey is a remake of which classic anime?

6) What animal does the title character of Porco Rosso resemble?

7) Who is the Queen of England during the time period in which Victorian Romance Emma is set?

8) How many machines combine to form Combattler V?

9) Which is the odd one out?
A) Gundam B) Gundam Wing C) Gundam SEED D) Beck

10) Rearrange the letters to spell a popular anime series – “Note Death”.