Clay Badger Superpub

Continuing to recycle old material this week. So now it’s time for the CLAY BADGER SUPERPUB. Now with new “facts”. Which by which I mean conclusions that have been reached using the scientific method of jumping.

Back in 2005, in the historical market town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, a number of signs appeared proclaiming that the “Clay Badger Superpub” was coming.

I believe the first time they appeared was in the wake of the Westgate House department store closing, and signs appeared proclaiming a “Clay Badger Superpub” was going to open there.

And people totally believed it. Folks at the company I worked for then were getting all excited at the promise of this opening in the town centre.

Actually in trying to find a photo – I found a blog entry that explains it better than I could – but it mysteriously only seems to live in googlecache now. It seems that they had previously promoted a non-existant clay badger shop by vandalising a local council welcoming sign that stood 15 feet above the ground.

This seems to be their website – but again curiously devoid of content –

I understand someone who used to work in the office knew who was behind it all, but he no longer works there. Mysterious. Is this all some kind of cover-up??? What don’t they want us to know?? And who doesn’t want us to know it?

Well, now it’s time for the new information. From looking at the internet now, it appears to have something to with Stamford band March To The Grave. Both their site and one for Stamford music festival make plenty of mentions of clay badgers. Are they the ones responsible? Do they know the ones responsible? Or are they trying to cash in on the fever that Stamfordians have for Clay Badgers?