Life imitates In-Jokes

I was originally going to just post this image, but then only would have got the reference, so instead I have explained it and drained all of the funny from it.

British Heart Foundation are trying to get kids to stop eating crisps by via a campaign featuring the above image.

This amuses me. And this is why.

Around, hmm eight years ago (yikes!), when my brother was in the upper sixth form, someone I knew through our RPG club was in the year below. When I told my brother he was part of the club, he informed me that his nickname at school was “Satan” due to his habit of drinking sunflower oil. I don't know how that equates to being Satan, but there you go. Anyway I addressed this matter to Satan, and it turned out it was orange squash in a sunflower oil bottle. Which is still quite odd.

So there you go.