Your 2012 Search Referral Questions Answered

how much does oda eiichiro earn? how much does oda eiichiro get paid? how much does eiichiro oda earn? how much does eiichiro oda make? how much does oda make? Apparently he made 2 Billion Yen in 2010, and seeing as how One Piece has continued to grow, I imagine he makes more now.

how to be an anime? I have no idea. Check with films such The Pagemaster where people get turned into cartoons. Watch out for dip though if you pull it off.

how many girls in pokemon get tied up and gagged? Not which girls, not which episodes, but HOW MANY! You should probably take a long hard look at yourself when you need to know what quantity of your weird fetish you will get from a seemingly inoccuous source.

how beautiful is the rain alfred? My name’s Brian, not Alfred. And the answer is not very.

how much the golgo 13 1993 slot machine worth? Is this it? If so, $40 apparently.

how much nudity does the last queens blade episode have? Too much/Not enough (delete as applicable)

how to spy on girls naked? Take all your clothes off is probably the starting point.

how to sugar bunnies? Take bag of sugar. Pour on rabbits.

what does a typical otaku look like? 

what is the anime that was on tv where the cop is a robot? RoboCop: The Animated Series

why is spelljammer awesome? Space Penguins. Elven Guyvers. Space Beholders. Elven Mecha. Space Hippomen. 

2 thoughts on “Your 2012 Search Referral Questions Answered”

  1. Whatever happened to the Lum-A-Day series? That seemed to peter off quite awhile back, and the sad thing is that it was one of the best guides to the UY series out there. Hoping it isn’t done indefinitely.

    Happy New Years!

    1. It was due to a variety of factors, real life things that needed more attention, discovery of a neck injury that daily blogging wasn’t making any better, and probably most of all, I’d done all the Studio Pierrot episodes.

      With Oshii & Ito out the picture, Deen started adapting the strips they’d clearly not wanted to touch, which means TOO MUCH RAN.

      It’s not done indefinitely, but I’m not going to put a date on its return.

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